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For Sale Unique winter renovation project NOW FREE on collection


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8 Jul 2016
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Canterbury Kent
I advertised this several months ago without any takers. My house move is now becoming imminent so I thought I’d try it again, this time at £40 or near offers. Here goes:

This lovely old classic see-saw once amused thousands of children playing on its smiling sea lions and is believed to have come from a seaside park in Margate (my 50 year old brother in law remembers playing on it as a child)

The metal works are in excellent condition and still work well. It pivots on an iron frame with two large springs and was designed to bolt down onto a solid pad.

I was going to replace the wooden components (a fairly straightforward job) as a winter project but an impending house and workshop move means its up for sale. It measures 3.5m in length but could easily be cut down to load in a small van or large estate car - the iron mainframe is 1m long.

This would be a wonderful addition to a garden children’s play area, campsite or pub garden when brought back to life.

I had planned to restore it as a rocking horse see-saw for the grandchildren but maybe the new owners will have their own ideas.

I’m near Canterbury and viewings are welcome.


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