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Sold Richard Kell No.1 Honing Guide - £20 + p&p or collection from B75


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18 Mar 2007
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Sutton Coldfield
I originally posted this in April and received an offer to buy and then heard nothing else!
The original asking price was £25 but I'm happy to accept £20.

Currently on sale at Workshop Heaven and at Richard Kell for £51.80 excluding postage and reviewed on several sites such as Infinity Tools
Obviously used but primarily for smaller bench and Japanese chisels so price is 50% of the new with either collection from B75 (Sutton Coldfield) or with postage extra (guesstimate ~ £3.50 for tracked).

IMG_3253.JPG IMG_3252.JPG IMG_3254.JPG

I have replaced the wheels, spacer and circlips but have kept the originals that can be used as spares (more dirty than worn).


And if interested, you can have the little jig I made a little jig to make mounting chisels a little easier! The extra piece of polycarbonate is for a secondary bevel.


Thanks for looking.

I have 2 other offers on this so given the postage will be at least £5 (more if you want the jig) and I'm not sure how the € to £ works I'll reluctantly have to say no this time. Sorry.