Retro-fit diffusers for strip light fittings

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25 Oct 2016
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South Wales
I have been tasked with finding diffusers for 6 x light fitttings in our church hall, as we have been informed that the law has changed and we can no longer use the lights without them.

No I/D on the light fittings, which doesn't help my case, and nothing in Screwfix or Toolstation catalogues.

Is there such a thing as a generic diffuser (probably fitting to clips screwed to the ceiling, rather than attaching to the light fitting) and if so - anyone know of a supplier?

(tbh, I suspect the answer is to replace the lot with new led ones)

Many thanks in anticipation.
Googling 'strip light spares' brought up some diffusers - not sure whether these would fit, but other search results were listed. It might help if you could identify the make and model - or at least the dimensions of - the existing. I think it would probably be quicker, safer (you want the diffuser to be firmly attached to the luminaire), and more energy-efficient to swap the existing for new LED ones. ... -diffusers

Cheers, W2S
Thank you gentlemen.
In the end I managed to i/d the lights as being a Thorn product, for which retro-fit diffusers are available, but new LED looking an attractive alternative.
Out of my hands now, while committee deliberates.

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