Removing the upper newel post

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27 Jul 2005
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I want to remove the Spindles on the landing and replace with either glass or a solid wall. The problem i have is the upper newel post is offset to the landing handrail to will stick out in the finished design so i want to cut if off at floor level.

I understand from the few staircases i fitted many years ago that the string is morticed into the post and the post housed over the trimmer joist. If i cut this off at the base, do i have the chance of the stairs falling as i use to screw the strings into the walls as well.

I should really at a photo to explain, i'll do this later

Id put some very big screws through the newel post and into the trimmer before i cut off the newel . Your stairs should be bearing against the trimmer so there shouldn't be a problem with a downward force comming into play as the downward pressure becomes horizontal pressure through the stair design . So the top of the newel is there to hold mainly the handrail but also to give support to the tenon , having said that i too would like to see very detailed pics before i say go ahead . :lol:
I have had another look and i think it may be a bad idea to cut this away. I'm looking at just cladding the post and having the slight offset in the wall.

I'll still add a photo, when i can find my camera


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