Removing Resin ?

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I use a lot of rough sawn timber, feeding it through my thicknesser, but one of the annoying things is resin build up on the feed rollers and blades. I've tried white spirit and then ordered some 'Resin Cleaner' in a spray can. It does a great job at removing paint, chrome plating and human skin but hardly touches the resin build up, any pointers to the 'good stuff' that actually works would be much appreciated ?

Meths seems to work for me - cheap but smelly. :x Test somewhere first though; it's amazing just what meths will remove when you least expect it (learnt that one the hard way :roll: )

Cheers, Alf
I've ordered some Resin Remover from SF so hopefully that'll sort it!

Thanx all.
never needed to clean the thicknesser... but the SF stuff cleans my table saw blades up like new pins... nice with the router bits too... just ummmm... dinna squirt it in yer eyes.. don't ask why I know this....

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