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Refinishing teak veneered furniture - advice sought


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27 Apr 2020
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New Mills
Hi everyone,

I have a 60/70s style Teak veneered dining room table which was previously finished with a very bright (orangey) finish.

Unfortunately necessity meant that this had to be stored outside for a few months over winter under tarp. The table is generally fine but the finish hasn't survived so well. The table need a spruce up, so this is the shove I needed anyway to get started.

I have some other teak furniture in the same room that in finished in a much dark/richer finish; more on the mahogany side of the teak spectrum.

I'd love to be able to refinish this table in such a way that it matches the other furniture.

I asked somebody about how they finish the table (not mentioning the thing about the differing tones) asking if they'd used teak oil, they recommended instead using white polish followed by waxing.

What do you think would be the best way of achieving my end goal?