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12 Mar 2021
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Coronet Envoy and Regent Safety Notice
Record Power Envoy and Regent Lathes
We recently found a potential safety issue with the Envoy and Regent lathes during our pre-delivery quality control inspections.

The headstock cam bolt which secures the headstock to the lathe bed (item 40 in the instruction manual) showed a potential weakness in the weld, on a very small number of machines, which could lead to failure of the weld. Such a failure would cause the headstock to sit unsecured on the lathe bed and could cause the headstock to come loose completely, either when tightening the bolt or even in use if subjected to enough vibration.

We have investigated the issue and rectified the problem at the manufacturing plant. We are also in the process of manufacturing new parts at our in-house UK manufacturing facility to ensure that replacements will be available as quickly as possible.

The welds we have found are on the borderline of what is recommended for the potential forces on this component. Taking into account the recent substandard examples we have found (albeit very tiny numbers) and the potential safety issue should a headstock come completely loose – we are making replacement components in our UK Factory to a much higher specification to ensure there can be no possibility of a weld failure.

What to Do Next
All owners and users of the Envoy or Regent lathes must stop using them with immediate effect until the fault is rectified.