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Where practical fill the pipe with water and freeze it solid! Not quite so good, pack tightly with wet sand.
I'm bringing this thread back because it's great and I enjoyed reading it to help choose my new vice. I saw someone earlier linked the Fabrex 424 which, although not as nice as the Imp 80, can be found for cheaper. I just took a punt on this on ebay. What do you think from the potato-quality photos? We shall see! £14.95 is a gamble I am comfortable with. I can't add the link as a new member the but the description reads "sold in used condition some wear marks to the chrome"

I did have a question for anyone who might know; If the jaws need refaced, is this a tricky job? I have access to a hobby mill however I have read about jaws needing to be un-hardened then re-hardened after the milling. Is that something you would recommend?
You can see someone's lovely restoration of one here which I hope to copy to an extent: again I can't link but if you search "Fabrex 424" on youtube you'll see it. Proper gorgeous!


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Can anyone tell me if the Anvil (puck thingymabob) comes out of the Imp (like the No. 74)?
Mine is stuck (as was my 74) and I would like to know before I damage something.
Sorry about this - but does anyone have proven ways of getting a stuck one out?
I've left in WD40 for a day and given it a good old force with mole grips.
I think because of the thread and less natural clearance (or screw hole) for any penetration - it is proving more difficult than removing my No. 74 Anvil.

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