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RAS 1251 stand


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19 Jan 2010
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Free to a good home

If anyone has a use for a machine stand for a De Walt 1251 RAS let me know. It's the genuine DW part.
Collect from Nottingham or it can be dismantled and mailed at your cost.
Hanser, I am interested, but to have it as a secure table for a heavy mortiser, rather than an RAS. Accordingly, if there is interest from DeWalt users, I will step aside.

I have a 125 (same as the 1251) without a stand. It's not set up at the moment because my garage has no roof on it currently.... : /

But making a stand will be on my to-do list.

I was considering the top last night. I know the sawdust plan is to make a wooden top with strips of metal in it, but I did wonder about using a simple thick steel sheet. But then maybe I should make a larger / wider stand anyway?
Hi guys

Thankyou for your interest.

On the basis that SammyQ was the first to respond I propose to offer it to him.

SammyQ - a pm will be on its way shortly,

No problem at all for me - as i say, im in two minds as to if i should build a wholly steel table on castors anyhow.

(im much more adept with metal than i ever will be with wood!)

Let me know, however, if nothing comes of it with Sammy, as a quick solution may still be more desirable than me planning something for the next however long...
Hi Julian

Thanks -I guessed from your post that you had not quite made up your mind.

I have provided some more info to Sam who confirms that it will do for his purpose. I am pleased it will be put to good purpose.

Thankyou for your interest and good luck with the re roof.