Quick favour from someone with a Record #08 or #02 please?


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That's not a bad idea, I'll keep an eye out for one. I really am regretting not getting power run out to an outside socket by now, I've been meaning to do that for ages now but Life Finds A Way To Get In The Way Of Things and all that.
Hi Mark
Not wishing to hijack the thread but I'm curious- where does someone who lives in Stepaside go to buy half decent timber?
For softwoods or sheet goods there's a Brooks about ten minutes away if you have a roof rack, it's in the sandyford industrial estate near the woodies there (there's also a Chadwicks in there as well). For hardwoods, so far I've gone to Quinn Hardwoods up near the long mile road. There are a few others like that, and Quinn are pretty good about hobbyist level lads like myself (they get a lot of schoolkid traffic as well for projects and the like), but they really are more set up to cater to professionals. I generally go in there when I need a couple of boards, bring the giant japanese saw to break down the boards into "will fit in car" lengths and drop 2-300 per trip and get a few months worth of wood.

There's another place in Tallagh set up the same way, but you start having to go further afield for more exotic stuff or more shopping assistance (The Carpentry Store seems to be set up for that traffic, they seem to be the Axminister distributor over here as well as running courses and the like pretty regularly).

Downside of all these places is that if I want to go there, I pretty much have to take a morning off to do it; nobody seems to be open on weekends (again, they mostly cater to professionals, not hobbyists).

Record #02 = 50 mm width.

Measured from my Stay-Set 02, got it cheap because it had a crack, which I welded.

MarkDennehy":1etf59eb said:
(I've some of that renaissance wax ordered...
Sorry to hear about your rust woes Mark, but wasted money there I'm afraid! Ren wax and camelia oil are the modern woodworker's snake oils.
Well, poop. Do they even work at all or are they expensive versions of something cheap that's equally effective?
MarkDennehy":3jgrzwcq said:
Dovetaildave":3jgrzwcq said:
5 1/4 = 70mm

5 1/4???

Tool vendor..no way ! you'll have to find your own one.
Shame that looks so impressive,you have the 5 AND 51/2 as well .........maybe save it for the next till eh :lol: (Wha ha ha ha)
MarkDennehy":1ytpkgwa said:
Well, poop. Do they even work at all or are they expensive versions of something cheap that's equally effective?
Yes, but unfortunately yes.
Oh well. This is how we learn. It arrived today too. At least it smells nice, like well-worn leather.
Though I suppose it's the other way round and what we think smells like leather actually smells like the wax it was treated with...
Tease aside.......

Your till is better than mine especially as I think i'd actually outgrown before I had finished it :lol:

Yours should last you a good long time, would doors aid in protecting them from the elements, silicon sachets and all, or would forced air via UPVC pipe and small batterypowered PC fan help?

If you decide to make another in future; I saw beneath the no's 3 and 4 there was space taken by the 080 scraper for a 51/4 (or a T5 if that isnt over to left of no8 ?). Obviously this is detracting from the scaled harmony, but at least they are all together, and close to existing 5's

Another option ("should you wish to accept it....") re-jiggling the 40/45 ect, which from here looks very tricky, someone on the forum hung his from the rods I recall.

I used a lifting angled till, piano hinged at the top but it proves to be quite heavy, but maybe manageable with the 40/45's et al ?

You could move the 80, haven't used mine since the bow front bedside cabinets years ago.

Thanks for the WIP, its giving me a little boost to look at mine again.....maybe a better saw till also :?

Dovetaildave":ex4id9u6 said:
...51/4 (or a T5 if that isnt over to left of no8 ?)...
Well, to be a pedantic old fart, the OP is collecting Record planes, and Record never made a 5¼ (the T5 being their "equivalent"). And then he would need not one, but two slots for his T5s - as he would need to have both a 2¼" T5 and a 2" T5 :wink:

Oh, and two slots for his 05½s - for a 2¼" and a 2⅜" 05½.

Cheers, Vann (owner of both 2¼" and a 2⅜" 05½s).