Punching tool for ferrules


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17 Jan 2023
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Just making some new handles from ash for a set of plastic handled chisels I got and spent loads of time initialising


Haven't fitted ferrules but think I probably should

What kind of punching tool would produce this kind of effect for helping hold ferrule on?

Can’t say I’ve seen that method, they are normally just a very good fit, I’m presuming you can get the handles off again?
Just a thought, If I were doing it I think I would get the ferrules to be an almost too tight a fit then dry the handles out in a tent with a dehumidifier, fit all together then allow the ambient moisture in the air to tighten them up.
EDIT, just looked at your chisels again and I don’t think you need ferrules, the chisels have a half decent bolster end on them which should prevent the tang going in any further and splitting the handle.
Nicely shaped handles btw.
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the ferules on some of my old chisels are just indented slightly, not enough to break through the brass but enough to prevent it coming off. When I re-handled some I just made them really tight and didn't bother denting them, as Cabinetman said.
With the nicely rounded end to the handle as opposed to a flat end.I don't think you can fit a ferrule but if you do then a smart whack hammer with nail punch should do the job. Or a 6" nail filed to a triangular point plus hammer will do as well
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make sure the brass tube for yr ferrules is sturdy (thick) enough - seen plenty of thin-walled ferrules (esp later Marples) where it's obv that wood expansion /contraction has cracked them

I tend to use a drop of superglue or resin glue

ps nice job so far
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Thanks all. Great advice. So given the adequate bolster I'll not bother with ferrules unless I get splitting issues

I used the heating method to install the turned handles after boring a hole on the lathe

I'll try adding some ferrrules on some files and rasps I'll need to sort. Keen to try it.
The way you see the ferrules secured was a quick, cheap, mass-production method used in the factory.

It has no special mechanical properties and to my eyes, it does not look good.

You can see similar on the ferrules on modern guide rail clamps for track saws albeit they use a circular dimple.

I would be using a smooth ferrule and gluing it onto the handle with epoxy. It will be a better mechanical connection, but it is not something you could do efficiently if you are trying to make 200 pieces a day.
Very nice work.
I was actually doing a rough job yesterday using a couple of Stanley chisels that have short, black plastic handles. Apart from looking cheap and nasty the handles are far too short, but the chisels themselves are actually fairly decent. Similar thoughts were going through my mind, as a project for when I'm at a loose end and looking for something to do. So will likely never happen.

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