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Jamie Copeland

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4 Jan 2015
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Hi folks

Just wondering if any of you have any experience of the Pro edge knife sharpening jigs? I'm wondering if they're any good?


I'm getting the hang of using the Pro-Edge for general knife sharpening, there is still a little operator experience required to get a quick touch up of an edge, mainly in the way you guide the knife clamp along the rest without letting it disengage from the support. (might even make a larger diameter collar to help with this)

My setup is a home made/modified version, using only the blade clamp arm from the Sorby system but using my own method of getting knife handle clearance from the belt platen and a home made tool rest.

I've been using Trizact A45 (P400 grit) Trizact A30 (P800 grit) belts which give me an edge adequate for my general needs and the main user is happy and my fileting knife is good enough to be dangerous if not paying attention.

Only caution I would advocate is that you need a very light touch on belt pressure if you don't want to remove excessive material.

The hand Edge-Pro method would certainly be safer if you have particularly precious blades that you don't want to expose to the risk of an aggressive belt sander mishap.