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Pour live edges epoxy top layer


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27 Feb 2020
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Kingswood - Bristol
Hi :)
I'm refurbishing a 1930s veneered dressing table, which I want to use to install a counter top basin and high rise tap for my bathroom.
As the whole project is turning out quite elegant I was considering an epoxy clear glass layer (maybe a little more than half cm) on the top, which also would make it more waterproof. So basically it would look like having a glass top but sealing the wood at the same time.
My only concern are the edges.
Watching a ton of videos I see that they pour the epoxy and let it drip on the edges, which isn't an option for me.
So I would need to build a 'barrier' around the top (which is curved) just for the pouring, something I can peel of reasonably easily when the epoxy is cured and that prevents the epoxy from leaking when it's fluid.
Some sort of tape? Any ideas?