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4 Jun 2019
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Hey All

When I built the pergola a couple of years ago I opted for the cheapest stick down lead flashing as cash was tight and knowing that I would have to replace it. Now that it has developed cracks (see pictures) I want to do it properly and get some proper lead. I have no idea what this job takes and so I firstly want to understand if this is doable for the avg diyer like me. I had a guy already quite me 650 uk pounds as the pergola is 7m long ( a lot of lead).

Any advice would be appreciated

Ps - it’s not leaking (yet)



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Actually some things come to mind. I will inspect to see if that cracking is just the top layer of “foil” as it maybe the actually flashing is still in intact.

Question: does flashing tape normally need replacement after x years?
No experience of doing lead work but it looks like fun! Lead rolls are easy to price up and so are the bashing tools you'd need. I'm a have a go kind of guy so if the lead and tools were a couple of hundred quid, and I could understand what I was trying to do, a few youtube vids, I'd have a go at it. If the tools and materials were more than half the cost of the professional I'd likely leave it to them.

From your photos it's not clear what you are trying to replace, a wider shot could be helpful.
It's easy enough, but you need code 4 lead, patination oil, dressing tools and a rubber mallet. It can be cut easily with a knife, so you don't necessarily need snips, although they do come in handy making the tingles.

You can get information from Calder lead and the Lead Sheet Association.

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