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Hi all have been given one of these perform ccj planers, but the side fence is
missing along with the blade setting tool it is in need of new blades also. So my question is does anyone here have any of these parts up for grabs or could tell me will they be easy to get hold of.

Kind Regards Tim Burr.......
Newbie_Neil":20cnfg9l said:
Hi Tim

Welcome to the forum.

I would contact Axminster Technical Advice as it is their product.



Hi all thanks for the welcome, have emailed axminster 3 times now no reply
maybe time ta bin the planner me thinks :O(

Kind Regards Tim....
maybe time ta bin the planner me thinks :O(

I wouldn't do that yet Tim, those machines seem to be quite well thought of. Try giving Axminster a call, the phone is a lot more difficult to ignore :wink:

I would imagine they've been putting you off because they're all busy with the big tool show they're having at the moment. Naughty but not altogether surprising.

good luck,

Noooo, don't bin it mate! Surely some kind of Heath Robinson affair could be fashioned if you can't get the parts....:)

If not, I have a home for sick, poorly and abandoned tools/machinery/wood offcuts etc. etc. right here in me back yard!!! :D :p

Seriously though, Axminster should be able to help eventually. Isn't it still a current model?

Welcome, by the way ;)

Tim, as others have said there's a big exhibition being run by APTC right now so I'd guess all their guys are down there flogging kit to the people who usually lurke around this board :)

Suggest you wait 'til about Wed. next week & then phone (Not e-m) and you should get some answer. I've always had an answer from them 'tho it's not always been what I wanted to hear :(
Hi all i had some good luck the person who gave me the planer found the side fence, so now all i need is the blade setting tool new blades and the owners manual. I dont suppose anyone here has the owners manual scanned in pdf format or the like :O))

Kind Regards Tim........