Paint primer before MDF veneering with contact cement ?

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27 May 2019
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I need to apply paper back veneer to a MDF curved furniture. Some parts of the furniture are covered/repaired with wood filler.
My question is: Should I have to apply a paint primer to the furniture before veneering with contact cement for a better adherence, instead of applying 2 coats of contact cement in the substrate, which in my opinion, would add to much thickness?
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I don't see any point to paint the piece with primer before veneering, it won't give you any better adherence than just plain MDF scuffed up a bit with some sandpaper. Plus you would still have to have two coats of contact adhesive because that's the nature of the adhesive, one coat on the veneer and one on the part to be veneered, attach the veneer while the glue is tacky.

I'm no veneering expert though.
Thanks for your reply. The concern is about the white wood filler I used to smooth the curve (see picture). When the wood filler dries It looks like plaster or chalk, and when I sand it, the dust is like a plaster dust. I don`t know what this wood filler is made of, but I'm afraid that the contact cement adherence on it could be weak.

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