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Mrs C

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3 Jan 2016
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United kingdom
I am just finishing an Ash workshop for my kitchen island - it will be the main prep area for the kitchen. I am using polyx and would normally put two coats on new wood. However, as it will get lots of use and probably some abuse I feel as though I need more.

Do I need more than two?

I do two coats which I feel is enough. I put on a generous coat then wipe off the excess after 15 minutes. I usually recoat with one application every year or so.
You need at least two coats, three would be better, and be prepared to refresh the finish every year or so.

Ash is an extremely open grained timber, therefore not ideal for food preparation, if it’s still an option consider the two traditional kitchen table top hardwood choices of Sycamore or Maple.

Having said that when I made our kitchen six years ago I used Oak for the work surfaces, which is almost as open grained as Ash, and none of us have keeled over with the lurgy yet!
I would say use Osmo top oil over the Polyx, I think the top oil is actually food-safe whilst the Polyx isn't. I also reckon it's a little harder wearing but I can't give you a proper answer on that, they both hold up very well to daily use. Little tin goes a very long way, I managed to do a 3m x 600mm worktop all-around twice with a 0.5L tin, leaves a very smooth finish. I've accidentally left wet glasses overnight on the worktop and it hasn't produced any of the black rings you would normally get with Oak, so it's very good in that regard.