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Le dullard de la commune
2 Mar 2007
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I will need to finish some kitchen worktops and based on rave reviews here, will be using osmo.

Should I use top oil?
Or are one of the others actually better.?

Also where should I buy it from?
I plan to get more than enough so I have some for other projects
I can see someone on line but they only have 500ml cans.
I am thinking of 4000ml plus
Thanks Phil, but both of them only sell 500ml cans and are significantly more expensive than howdens.
I wonder if it is a product that the manufacturer keeps a tight rein on the price?
Phil Pascoe":3dtyd4gv said:
Ah, I didn't look. So you've thirty two square metres + of worktop to give three coats? Wow! Some kitchen.

:D :D
No, I just wanted to buy some for future projects at the same time.
Polyx seems to be more versatile, what do you think?
Well, I'm going to be the odd one out here. I dislike Osmo. I think it is over-hyped for an ordinary oil finish, and it goes that grotty deep orange-brown colour we all love to hate over time. Yeah, it looks great at the time of application. It doesn't give protection from ordinary household wear and tear such as water spills and so on, and I wish I'd not bought half a gallon of the stuff 4 or 5 years ago.

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