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OMG ! I have a storage problem ! / hopefully sorted


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10 Nov 2006
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Boston Lincs
Well its been building up for years and years and years ( keep repeating )

Numerous workshop buyouts over the years and I have ended up with a workshop that looks like this :roll:

No room to swing a cat let alone get in to do some work

When I do go down the workshop I can never find anything :roll:

I needed some sort of storage system where I can put things like

Bowl gouges / spindle gouges / parting tools / scrapers and all other turning tools

also chucks / jaws / face plates / drive centers / revolving centers

Rasps / files

Texturing tools / Pyrography machines / power carver etc etc

so how do I solve this dilemma :roll:

Have a massive sale :mrgreen: ( no way )

or sort out some storage units :idea:

Not being a flat woodworker ( Yet ) :lol:

I was unsure on how to proceed , so sent a PM to a fellow forum member asking if I could pick his brains for a design for 2 roller cabs

I would like 2 units 4 foot high x 4 foot wide x 2 foot deep with 9 draws in each :mrgreen:

I later recieved a PM back saying " why not come over and we can make you a flat pack kit for you to assemble at home "

wow I thought thats a decent offer , so time to buy the materials

5 off 8 x 4 sheets of birch ply

5 off sheets of 12mm far eastern ply

18 pairs of 550mm full extension draw runners

1 ltr glue ( Recommended by another forum user ) Thanks

2 boxes of 4.0 x 8 screws

box of 20 biscuits ( 1000 ) that's a lot of biscuits , lots left over , shame you cant eat them :lol:

So off I headed at 5.30 am on `Saturday for a meet up at 8am

Brief re cap on what was needed and off we go :mrgreen:

Cutting on a table saw , and on a radial arm saw , 100s of biscuits slots cut yes 100's :mrgreen:

Some hours later we had

4 x sides
2 x bottoms
2 x tops with rounded over edges
2 x back sections
36 draw sides
36 front and rear draw pieces
18 draw fronts
18 draw bottoms

next over to the spindle molder :mrgreen: wicked machine :shock: to cut slots for the draw bottoms to fit into

OK I thought wow all that work done in a day :mrgreen: very pleased with the outcome

Then I hear " Come on then , lets put them all together " :shock: :shock:

Some hours later we have 2 built and assembled carcasses and 18 built draws 8)

Then I hear " and this is how you fit the draw runners "

Several runners later and with 2 custom made templates " silly person proof , That's me :D " for me to fit the remaining runners we call a halt to the day

And boy what a day #-o

At the end of the day I was totally knackered :oops: I must be getting OLD

but my super hero was at FULL CHAT ALL DAY , The man is a machine , I could not keep up with him :lol:

And WHO is this super hero

None other than own own Dodge ( Roger )

All I can say is a HUGE " THANK YOU " for all your time and effort

It worked out at

5 hours driving 200 miles and 10 1/2 hours workshop time

I fell straight into bed when I got home :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

The last 2 photos are of the units in my van

Lots of re arranging / sorting out to do now



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24 Jul 2007
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Brilliant! I can't say I'm surprised that you have a tool or two - and when you started to describe the work rate of someone on this forum, I was working my way through a mental shortlist - and I guessed right. It certainly sounds like a marvellous bit of teamwork. You'll have quite a big project on hand to get organised - so make sure you post some pictures as you achieve organised bliss!

(There are one or two more of us on here who struggle to find space to work as tools and wood fill up the room!)


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15 Oct 2010
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"FULL CHAT ALL DAY" - Allen yesterday was a normal day for me! :lol: :lol: -( or were you trying to say I didnt shut up!)

Now seeing the pics of your workshop though I think two cabinets wont be enough (hammer) (hammer)


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12 Mar 2009
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Kent - the Garden of England
Allen...you are not alone! But I kinda like my workshop cluttered...I don't know why and I do tidy a bit occasionally but not to the point of showcase state...I'll only mess it up again. And I think you are the same as me at hoarding "stuff that is fun and possibly useful one day". :oops:

It always is and it eventually gets used to restore something...from the smallest screw to the largest lump of wood or steel.

Good luck with your clearout....I think you may find that you create more space for yet more "stuff"...to fill the gaps...I know I do! :mrgreen:

Dodge...your Davenport is absolutely stunning my friend! =D>



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13 Apr 2006
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Salisbury, UK
I hope the new units get the problem sorted...I know I couldn't do anything with that amount of clutter, but we all work differently and what's good for one ain't necessarily so for t'other - Rob