Old Parquet Floor


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2 Mar 2021
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Hi, I'm aware of a previous thread that mentions this issue, but that thread seems to deal with a new floor or concealing nail holes etc. in different woods. My problem is that I have a 100 year old parquet floor in my entrance hall, it has had many feet over it, it has character, has raised grain that I want to retain, but probably since the advent of radiators has slightly shrunk. The gap between any two blocks is less than a credit card's width, but obviously in a well trafficked area these could soon start to move. I wondered about packing copious beeswax into the gaps on a monthly basis on the principal that the parquet could still breath but over time I assume the beeswax would prevent movement. I really don't want to go down the road of glue & sawdust mixes. Also the edges of every block has become subtly rounded, and I suspect proprietary fillers would be too unforgiving of the existing character. Any ideas / comments?
We had some of the same flooring in work than needed a patch taken up, when they put it back down it was quite gappy as yours sounds. Not sure what they used but they went over it with a filler as you would use grout on titles, then sealed it. It’s been down a few year so far and no issues. Sorry no idea of the name of the stuff they used.