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19 Sep 2011
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Nr. Swansea
I had a very good craft fair yesterday. I had a lot of customers and had a lot of orders and as the day came to an end I was thinking to myself that I would have to burn the candle at both ends for the next few days. This morning I was up at six and by seven I was on the computer putting together various name signs and plaques. I had printed off about four patterns when the laser printer refused to print any more. I knew it wasn't the toner as it was 3/4 full. I tried everything but it still would not work. I then got on designing the rest of the orders and then saving each one as it was completed. I got to the last order and the program I was using refused to work. I just could not understand it as it had never let me down before.

An hour later I was on the road to PC World as I could not be without a printer, not even for a day. I looked at all they had to offer and noticed a selection of printers that were on clearance, they had a nice laser printer there that was £200 and on offer for £60 so I bought it. I drove the 30 miles back home and got it all set up and printed all my patterns off. Great I though, I am getting there. I get into the workshop and the first thing I am making is a large latter C and after I cut it I would cut the name from inside the letter. Because i had deliberately printed it oversize bits of the outline were missing and when ever I have to rsort to this I just follow the natural curve from where the line ends, through the void area and then connect with the line the other side. I was halfway through the first void when the phone rang and it was one of those bloody sales calls, slammed the phone down and carried on cutting knowing full well that I woould have to take the letter to the belt sander afterwards as I had lost my concentration. I was about a third of the way through when the door bell rang and it was a bloody cold caller, I could have rung his neck, I though cold calls were illegal now. Back to the workshop and carried on cutting the letter C. I got to within 5mm of the end when the bloody blade broke.

The good news is that Number 1 son will fix the computer program this evening and maybe even fix the old laser printer giving me a spare. The other good news is that it was my birthday on Sunday and number one son gave me an Apple laptop so i can have a slide show going at the craft fairs of all the things I make.
Waka":1011umbs said:
That goes to show that there's light at the end of the tunnel.
yea but sometime's the bloomin light ain't on cos some pratt has turned it off, thats when all things def go wrong :D

Sorry to read about your bad day, if things start going wrong I just walk away (well stumble really), as I have a very short fuse. The wife would say a completely burnt out fuse, but that’s another story. :oops:

Sounds as if you have a good loving son that is looking after you well.

Take care and a belated happy birthday to you.

Chris R.
I'm sure we all know what these sort of days are like. Always try and take a step back (ideally with a cuppa) and then think about everything else that is going on to other people etc and it will put your day in perspective and you'll realise that life isn't so bad. My sister in law is what I would call high maintenance. She always needs to get her way etc. My brother in law is so laid back and chilled and I couldn't understand how it doesn't bother him. His reply was "when you think about what I do for a living it puts all this stuff into perspective and you realise it's not important" - He's a senior nurse that looks after terminally I'll cancer patients. It did make me think.