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16 Mar 2024
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Handforth Cheshire
Any advice on where the best place to purchase wood for my projects which range from small to large. Wood from diy stores are not fit for purpose. Due to lack of suitable transport to pick up the wood I have to rely on delivery.
There is a whole thread on recommended timber yards somewhere, I can`t seem to find it now but someone will know what its called.
It would help to know what sort of projects you have in mind?
Wood required for turning is not the same as wood required for carcass builds and not same as for decorative tables etc.
Hardwood : Stockport timber
Softwood and sheet : Howarths
Atlantic timber and Arnold Laver are across the city from you.

But if all you want is a turning blank or a couple of feet of something, then you need to find somewhere online.

Part of woodwork is checking out the local timber merchants to learn who stocks what and how well do they look after it.
If you have a car, you can carry a 3m plank or two if done carefully. If not, you should still visit the yards but yes, you will be relying on and paying for their delivery services.
Just an idea, I keep stacks of different timber offcuts, but mostly Oak, far too much to list and post up in the for sale section, maybe worth raising a post in the wanted section as to what you need, only really relevant for small scale projects though and you don't want a truck load.

(More than happy to P & P for anyone else, if of use, by the way)
I’ve purchased off cuts and small to medium bundles from eBay . Tbh I’ve not had anything bad but I always Check to see if they accept returns . Read the description and look at all the photos, it helps if the seller includes the words “ the photos are the wood you will be sent ..” several of these sellers ask you to contact them if your looking for something in particular but it’s not listed . Just search for hardwood timber off cuts or job lots .. but please check the dimensions before buying…any doubt then contact the seller..
I have used British Hardwoods and the quality is pretty good. I always plane and square up what I buy due to some pieces are not perfectly square and flat. Having said that I plane and square any timber no matter where I buy it from.
A month ago a lady was selling some beech on facebook. I said "any worm?" Just a bit she said. I said in that case it's firewood price as its certainly riddled it looked really rough as well. She wasn't happy. Unsteamed beech can be like a worm attractant unfortunealtly
I get most of my wood from old furniture. I bought an old mahogany dining suite on Marketplace for AUD$50. It was 2200 x 1000 and once I pulled the table apart I had some beautiful wood from the top and 4 lovely turning blanks from the legs. Marketplace is usually the last stop before the rubbish tip or bonfire and it is nice to give the wood another chance at life. It is certainly well seasoned after 100 years or so and you can pick up some of the more exotic woods for next to nothing. I did a search tonight and there were no less than 97 pianos for free on Marketplace in Melbourne. If you have time and patience, you can reclaim some superb burr walnut and framework from pianos. I'm only a weekend woodworker but I don't have the cash to buy at the prices they are asking in the timber yards.
I'm near manchester, and have a seriously hard time sourcing good quality hardwoods I will give stockport timber a phone call soon, wasn't even aware they existed until now.

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