No water in the workshop - how d'you cope?

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19 Mar 2003
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West Dartmoor, Devon, UK
I have always toyed with the idea of using water collected from my dehumidifier as a water supply but have never got around to it.

But my two tips of the day are:

1. Bounty kitchen towel - it really is very tough - a disposable (environmentally friendly) cloth - wetted with water from a gardener's mist spray (very handy for wettings waterstones too).
2. Gorilla wipes - a little on the expensive side but they really seem to work and are quite tough too. Great for after you've finished a glue up amongst other things.

Anyone else have any waterless tips?


Some guttering and a raised water butt does me.
For the waterstones when in use I use a spray bottle, tap supply is just outside the back WS door.

For all else I keep a case of beer under the bench :oops:
gidon":2aixrqs1 said:
1. Bounty kitchen towel
How about those big rolls of blue paper towel? I pinched that idea from Chris' workshop tour and it's saved me a bundle in kitchen towels. FWIW.

Cheers, Alf

With sink and cold tap, and by gum was it cold today. :shock:
As Alf has mentioned blue or green rolls are the way to go. At £20 / £25 a throw not cheap at first but considering my last one lasted about 5 years and the current one looks like it'll last as long, £5 per year is good value. Available at all decent motor factors.

I use mineral water bottles topped up with tap water . I dont feel the need for running water in the workshop as i use very little and the house isnt to far away .
Travis Byrne":189fr9i2 said:
Martyn said
i'm ok on wet days the roof leaks evrytime i repair it another one appearers

That is the saddest story :( :( :( and the funniest at the same time :D :D :D True or not

:D its true :D its a block of 3 garages i have redone the roof once but i'm not aloud to do the others so i still have the problem but im a lot beter off than some others :D i just keep my hand tools in the house.

made the first cuts with my chisles Alf :D "ME" thay are sharp thanks

Gidon writes:

So Ike - do you have a tap coming off the water butt? Is it easy to install?

Just the regular plastic tap fitted. I have an open sided lean-to area outside the workshop and the butt sits on a low retaining wall that encloses two sides of this covered area. Runoff is onto a grassy patch off the paved area under the lean-to.

Installation:- All I can say is, if you can raise the butt high enough to give even a few inches of head, then a bit of plastic piping and an old sink in the corner of the workshop would be a nice feature.

I'm a natural scavenger with instinctive "skip eye" - sad maybe but I'll always look for reclaimed materials, hence apart from my guttering which cost all of a fiver, my water supply is no cost - primitive but OK for me.


Alf Noel - will have to get some of that blue stuff. Have looked out for it before but not tried motor spares places. One advantage of the Bounty roll is it doesn't leave any (well much) residue when damp and wiping excess glue away.

Ike - I will have to give that a try some day - cheers.


I keep a 5 Litre plastic bottle of water in the workshop, although I mainly use the bottle in the winter when I turn off my outside tap (about 5 yards outside my workshop), drainage? Well I have a surface water trap just outside the front of my workshop. As for towels I use both Blue rolls (& for applying finishing oil) Kitchen paper rolls. I nick them when my wife is not looking!

I seem to be engaged in a constant battle to keep water out of my workshop! :roll:

However, when I do need some, I just empty the dehumidifier tank. As for drainage, I just open the workshop door and launch away! :D

The only slight drawback to this system is that if I need to wash my hands I have to trek back to the house. :(
Blue rolls seem the way forward then! But try some of those Gorilla wipes - I've found them saving me a journey back to the house to wash my hands.

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