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16 Mar 2024
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Auchterarder, Perthshire, Scotland
I have built quite a few woodwork projects, so I can't call myself a newbie. The projects were all a bit agricultural, no fine woodwork here.

The biggest thing I made was a deck. I've also made an apple press for making cider, a wood store, a bird table, a few raised beds in the garden, a cold frame for bringing on young plants. Not a mortise, a tenon, or a joint of any kind. All my woodwork is held together by screws ... except I once did make a stool with mortise & tenons. I designed it myself when I was fifteen. No braces, just long tapered legs. I took it home from school. My sister sat on it, leaned back and one of the tenons cracked. End of stool.

But I'm 71 now, retired, and want to do some real woodwork. Starting with a traditional english workbench including traditional mortise and tenons.

I have downloaded plans from the Woodsmith. I have a few modifications in mind, mostly because the plans were created in the U.S. and they have different lumber dimension to us. Also, I'm a skin flint and refuse to pay out $240, including delivery, for a leg vice with a 2.5" wooden screw. Instead, I am going to have a 1" twin screw, all wood vice. I've paid out £36 for a tap and thread box so it better work.

I should be finished by September. Wish me luck.