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New Tool for correct marking out


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16 Jul 2004
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North Suffolk
(found on another list, sounds great)

Your correct as usual mate, you really do get what you pay for but the fact is that even in today's world, sometimes it shouldn't be 'just' about the money. At $167.35 (+ GST) per unit, I suppose on the surface my Luthier's Pencils (LP) may appear to be a little on the pricey side, however there really is no substitute for quality. I understand that my pencils are well known for their quality of finish, but if you dive beneath the mirror surface and swim down into the depth of rich colour, you will quickly discover that beauty in this instance is certainly not just 'skin' deep.

The Graded Compressed Carbon Inserts Rod (GCCIR) used in each of my 'Primary Lay-Out Devices' (PLOD) are formed on the very latest digital lathes to ensure an incredible degree of accuracy. This process along with careful grading and selection of the Base Carbon Particulates (BCP) not only ensures consistent out-put within the grey scale, but more importantly for the end user, it ensures that out-put remains accurate in all three dimensions.

Our research has shown that by paying careful attention to quality control during selection and grading of the BCP, and to tolerances during production of the GCCIR's, we have been able to reduce variation in the vertical out-put of our PLOD thus avoiding subsequent loss of integrity normally introduce into the structure of the mark-out itself thus far more accuracy can seen in the Design and Measurement Transfer Process (DMTP). Vertical Out-Put Variations (VOPV) is considered by some to be somewhat of a superficial concern, but once the compounding effect of error is calculated over anything but the smallest of mark out projects, VOPV's become a concern very much worthy of careful consideration by those seeking excellence in their end product, like everything, its all in the foundation.

Of course when it comes to a really good 'Thought Materialization Actuator' (TMA), quality only 'starts' with the BCP and GCCIR as the true mark of excellence in a Reversible Luthier's Scribe (RLS) is seen in the GCCIR casing. Each and every one of the insert casings chosen for my Information Transfer Implements (ITI) is carefully hand selected. These casings are manufactured from only the very best AAAAA cellulose fibre material (CFM) which is carefully formed into conduits to marry perfectly with our quality inserts. Once consummated via friction fit, the assembled tools of inspiration are then finish shaped into the ergonomic masterpieces we have come to know and love and then beautifully finished in a range of 'classic', and 'modern' colours before final inspection to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

(Orders taken via PM. Bulk Orders of 100 units or more attract a 3% discount on purchase cost of goods only.)



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30 Jan 2012
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That's all fine and dandy, but they've forgotten the critical test, haven't they? Do they retain their structural integrity and functionality, or do they dissolve when you stir your tea with them?