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24 Jun 2021
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New and exclusive to is the Suhner UAK 30 SPZ12 router motor.

This 1600W motor is unique in its class, offering a light but powerful motor with the ability to take a ½” collet. The 43mm neck makes it the perfect partner for router lifts, drill presses and CNC machines. The enormous torque and high speed produced by this motor ensure that perfect results are achieved in every situation.

The UAK 30 SPZ12 is 100% made in Germany to the highest industrial standards by Otto Suhner GmbH. It is the result of a collaboration between sautershop and Suhner, with the aim of producing a lightweight power unit for use in the sauter OFL3.0 pivoting router lift that could also be used with ½” router bits.

The motor impresses with its smooth and quite running even at the highest speeds. Tacho control electronics ensure that running speeds remain constant even under load and the soft-start feature prevents jerking at start-up.

The router comes in two versions: the UK model is delivered with a ¼” collet and UK 3-pin plug as standard, while the Euro version has an 8mm collet and EU plug fitted. A complete range of metric and imperial collets ranging from 3mm to ½ inch are also available at New in shop

About Otto Suhner GmbH

Otto Suhner GmbH. have been making industrial machines for over 100 years. Their products, which range from built-on motors and drive machines to micromotor systems and pneumatic power tools, are considered the industry standard by German car manufacturers.