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26 Apr 2021
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I'm looking to buy a brad nailer or nail gun that I can use when making some bits and pieces for my french cleat wall. I'll be using 12mm and 18mm ply that I have in the garage. Just something that will help hold the pieces together whilst the glue drys. Could anyone recommend a reasonably priced electric gun please?
Thanks swisstony. I looked at that but hadn't realised it comes with the battery as well. Looks like a good option. Would this be just as good as getting a cheap compressor and air nailer? Not sure what else I'd use the compressor for so maybe save space / money by going with the battery one.

You could go air nailer route . Thing you have to weigh up is space and future use. So example, if you went air nailer, you have to factor in a cheapish compressor, lets say £70 plus a half decent nailer . The Makita one I have is great and not bad price . £70 so that is £140 but you end up with something you could use in the future however it will take up room. Then you have the Aldi one which is cheaper overall but can only do one job.... sure you will make the right choice
Thanks guys. Think I might give the compressor route a miss on this occasion and just get the battery powered one from Aldi. It doesn't break the bank and has some good reviews. I won't be using it for anything too heavy so should be plenty good enough for what I require. Thanks for the assistance.
I had a right result years ago with a screwfix order. When I opened the box I had all my stuff but clearly bits of someone else's as well. A few boxes of screws and brads and a mains powered brad nailer. When I looked it up in the catalogue it was about £50. I phoned them up in order to return it but they weren't interested. Been very handy over the years.