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Withdrawn Myford ML8 lathe for sale, advice sought


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7 Sep 2014
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southam, warwickshire
Folk have offered my Myford for sale here and other places (going on eBay today , as I held off going there). Nil interest whatsoever from here and other place(s).

Questions - have I overpriced it? Is it not a good lathe? I know the photos aren't exactly studio quality, is that the major problem? Would I be better breaking it up and selling it as parts?
would a lower price attract some interest?
Replacement is coming next week and I need the space, so I am keen to shift it.

Any advice/critique welcomed.

Selling my Myford ML8

I have just been on a bowl turning course, and full of enthusiasm I have decided to get a bigger, heavier lathe so that I can (hopefully) turn out bigger heavier bowls and things.

The lathe works fine, I can make a video of it running if you want, and can take more photos of detail if you are interested. It looks dirty at the head stock, cos I use oil to lube it, and this is designed to leak out over time, and need renewing with fresh clean oil.

I would describe it as being in fair condition.. not as nice as the refurbished ones you see on UKWorkshop, but better than some of the scrap things you see on eBay.

Included is the lathe, and its base, 4 base plates, one of which has a abrasive covered ply disc attached, and together with a sanding table, can be mounted on the l/h side and used as a disc sander. There's a Jacobs chuck and key, a couple of tool rests of different lengths/ There is a pen mandrel, but I've never used it, and I don't know if it is all there. There are some old drive dogs, but I bought new ones and I want to keep the new ones. When I got it last year, it had a mass of tools with it. I will keep a selection of those and the rest are included, I can let folks know exactly what they are if interested, but some have been ground out of old files, and I am told that they are not good for lathe use.

It isn't light, but two fellas managed to get it into a horse trailer for me, I have a bad back, so you'll need some muscle with you when you collect, I'm afraid I can't help out with moving it.

Collect from Southam in central Warwickshire.

I paid £200 for it, I'd be happy to get that back so... £200 and its yours to collect. I hope that is fair


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