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For Sale My Modest Collection of Moulding Planes


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18 Aug 2013
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Forest of Dean
Hi All,

I haven't used these for a couple of years and I know I'll kick myself for selling them but I really have to thin out in the workshop. I spent quite a bit of time getting them into decent order a few years ago and they worked well but they have been sat in the workshop for a while and might need a little honing etc. There are one or two worm holes (that have been there since I got them, they're not active) and I made a new wedge for one. Hopefully it's clear enough from the photos what the profiles are like. They are surely worth buying just to own the one that previously belonged to "T.WITT" 😄.

There's 6 decorative profiles, 3 hollows and 2 rounds.

£75 inc. Mainland UK delivery.

Strange but true I also garnered (thats a good word not used very often) quite a few from car boots a retired friend wishing to offload them picked up from freecycle and some that came with chisels and what have you thingies and whatever. Some are full sets and some are singles.
Far too nice to scrap - works of art in themselves - never used them - maybe I should take time out find some nice grained wood and practise using one or two.
They are a joy to use when tuned up nicely. I mostly used the hollows and rounds (which thankfully are easy to keep sharp) but I did try the complex profiles too. Watching the moulding appear with each pass of the plane is quite magical. I used to look at pictures of old workshops with shelves lined with hundreds and hundreds of different profiles and dream of having that some day.
We should start a moulding plane library. I've some windows to remake and the sashes have a profile on them that I cannot match with modern cutters.
When asked to replicate moulding, it may be necessary to make up the profile with several stock cutters - thus several runs - on the spindle. But for a short run of just a metre or two, it wouldn't be worth the set-up time, and I'd usually manage to get out the profile using the sawbench and various hollow and rounds - and indeed, anything available.

I've some windows to remake and the sashes have a profile on them that I cannot match
What wood will you be using? Moulding planes work best on straightish, even grain. Do you have a spindle?
I have a grand total of 2, which I was given as a gift. I am far from expert in their use but as a hand tool woodworker I would like more and have been looking out for some. Not something I have ever found over here though.