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6 Jul 2015
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More in the clear out
1x zyliss Swiss made vice
£20 https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/202003 ... f5def1.jpg[/img]

Record 412 drill press vice, £30

Unbranded drill press vice, 4"jaws £35

Bison Toolmex Drill Vice, 3 1/4" jaws £60

Chinese 1MT drill chuck £8

2x clamp on mini bench vices £12 each

All prices include postage.
Have a look on the wanted thread. I think somebody was looking for a zyliss the other day.
Yeah, that's why I dug it out and got photos. He didn't want this one.

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TFrench":3deaeed8 said:
Yeah, that's why I dug it out and got photos. He didn't want this one.

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The reason I was not interested in your item was that it looks to be in very poor condition and has essential parts missing making it useless in my opinion.
I am still looking for the right one if anybody has one.
Found another one! Sharpening stone, 10"x2". I'm not a stone geek so I couldn't tell you what it is. Possibly charnley or idwal? Feels very fine. The box lid is a bit ropey but it's fine.

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Hi, would anyone know, Can the Chinese 1MT drill chuck be used in a bench top morticer (basic Clark model), to attach regular drill bits?

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That stone is Charnlie and for that price is real bargain for someone who has patience and likes fine edges.
What identifies it as charnley? Tempted to keep it if it is as its from just up the road!
The purplish hues going across the stone are a big hint. That and it's roughly cut, Charnleys were almost never square cut all around and if you take it out of the box it should be rough stone underneath.

Keep it, they're a lovely stone and worth at least three times what you're asking all day long :)