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Monterey Cypress


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Charlie Woody

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10 Dec 2010
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West Devon
Yesterday I was talking to a neighbour who informed me he had taken down a Monterey Cypress last year and planked and sticked some of it. He says he hopes to sell this next year.

I have not come across this species and wondered what use if is to woodworkers and how much it should cost air dried?

Look forward to hearing from people who have used it.


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11 Feb 2011
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I am sure you have had a look on Google, but Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cupressus_macrocarpa mentions that it is used in a small way for furniture, due to its range of colours.

A bit of info here too http://webpages.charter.net/robincorell ... ypress.htm

I would suggest having a search around New Zealand for some ideas- there seems to be a bit used there.

It has the potential to be interesting. I doubt you will find many on here who have used it, because it is probably only available in situations like yours- you know somebody who has felled one.

Pricewise, you wont find a comparable for the same stuff. If its nicely figured, it is probably similar in price to sycamore, if its plane, then its probably not worth any more than bog standard softwood. I would have an idea of what you plan to make, and make an offer based on that that sounds reasonable. It isnt going to be worth a fortune, but then again, it is rare, so has the potential to be disproportionately expensive for what it is. In a long rambling way, it is worth what you are prepared to pay for it and what the seller is prepared to sell it for.