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:D Hi
I am have a wee gloat as I have just got my DW712 and love it too bits, who would have thought cutting wood could be such a joy. \:D/

Does has any one know where I can get some plans for a workstation for my new DW712 (is that 2 gloats) or any ideas for mounting a DW712 (3).
Thank you all in advance
Norm has a mitre saw station. Plans available from Brimarc.
Also there was a very similar setup in GW a year or two back, worth hunting through your back issues.
oddly, all day (whilst cutting endless decking joists) I have been wishing I had a proper mitre saw bench. It's a chicken/egg situation I guess.

I think Dewalt sell a ready made bench, is this an option?
Thanks one and all, that has given me enough to go on.

WIZer, I did think about the Dewalt option but have got to justify the saw to my better half and making a table will show what a great purchase it was, after I have done her Garden Table. If anyone remembers I asked for advice on a wood to use and went with the decking option, I will post some photo's when it is finished.

Hi Grumf
If you get The Woodworker magazine you will see a saw station for the DW712 in the March issue.
It was the cover story and is made mainly from 18mm birch ply.
\:D/ Cheers Dewy, I will try and get hold of a back issue, I assume they do a back issue service :!:
I will try and see if they have a web site.
Thanks again to everyone that took the time and trouble to help .


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