Miterset for Segmenting

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9 Mar 2018
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Hi All
Rutlands are selling this item for £70 + P+P
Wondering if anyone owns one and there thoughts.
I have a Dewalt DWE7491 job-site T/S and the table runners are 19.4mm(0.763"), I thought I read this only works for 19.05mm(3/4") but can't seem find this info now.

Currently using a Wedgie sled but wondered if this would be an better/easier?

One question I do have is i've yet to find a T/S runner that is a good fit to the mitre slot does the miterset allow for this seeing as it's only small block of alum?
Never seen one of these before but seems obvious that it will only work with an accurately fitting mitre bar.
With your non standard table saw slot size and presumably matching bar it will be useless.
Having previously had no idea of what a wedgie sled is , I watched this
Seems perfect to cut segments so why do you need the rutlands gizmo?
looks interesting and worth a punt. I too have a Dewalt DWE7492 and have just bought a incra mitre1000HD to try and get accurate wedgies. Currently with DHL from Germany but maybe i'll get it monday.

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