Mini compressor - Senco 5ltr, 0.5hp

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Just for info - the Hyundai eBay store is part of the 10% off til June 30th with Save-10-today as the code. Makes the A graded 8 litre compressors change of £100 delivered.
I have the 25Ltr Hyundai "Silent" compressor and believe me it is!!. Had to change my old one (3 cylinder,100 Ltr,VV noisy) as we are moving house and do not want to upset the new neighbours when I build my new workshop (yes ,another workshop build, possibly with pictures) . I bought mine from hyundaipowerproductfactoryoutlet on Ebay for £103.67 as a graded item , it arrived next day and had no problems except for a bit tatty box. The only problem with this compressor is it has a very small lead so needs making longer.
This powers my old Rockworth nailer.

Hyundai HY7524 5.2CFM, 1HP, 24 Litre Oil Free Direct Drive Silenced ***GRADED***
Hyundai HY7524 5.2CFM, 1HP, 24 Litre Oil Free Direct Drive Silenced ***GRADED***

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Thank you for that tip @Transit80 . Bought mine (A+) all in original packaging for £100, delivered next day. Now just need to figure out which hose and fittings go with it. Just ordered Silverline 868544 as well, so should be all set up pretty soon.
I've recently purchased the Senco AC4504 Compressor & FinishPro Pneumatic Nailer 18Mg. It's more expensive than other options mentions here, but I think is a good deal when you look at the quality of the nailer that is included in the package. I've only used it for one small job (fixing slats to a shelf under my workbench) but it worked a treat.

I love the small size. I only want the compressor for nailing and the occasional tyre inflation and I wanted something I could store away easily. My previous compressor worked fine but took up a lot of floor space and so very noisy.

I thought this deal was disappearing, as they seemed to go out of stock everywhere at the same time. However, they seem to have reappeared in stock on the sites I'd been watching.
I was in the exact same position as the OP recently. Ended up purchasing a Draper 6L compressor (£95) and the Axminster 24 gauge nailer (actually takes 23 gauge nails as well which are more readily available... £45 in their black friday sales).

I have been quite pleased with it and it is great to be able to house the compressor under my bench out of the way. The 24 gauge headless pinner has been excellent and exceeded my expectations. I don't know how I coped without a blower tool previously, it is very handy around the workshop. I will when the need arises purchase an 18 gauge and likely a stapler (or this combined version).
I would go a bit larger than you think you will need. I have a couple (not quiet type) but I generally use the larger one. They are 50litre and I think 100litre. The 100 litre 150psi once upto pressure has a larger air reserve so you can use air tools like nailers staplers etc for ages before it starts up again. If your using sanders descalers etc. they use up the air quick so its on most of time. I intend to make a sound proof box for mine at some point and just use a long air hose.