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Miles Tool & Machinery


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3 Jun 2007
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Just thought I would post to recommend Miles tool & Machinery.

Recently I made my first purchase from them which was a Mafell biscuit jointer anyway I got it delivered next day used it on a job straight away but afterwards noticed that the manufacture date was way back in 2008 :shock: . Anyway emailed Mafell direct I was told not to worry even though it had been sitting around all this time it will run fine. A week later a rubber part fell off of it in the case, I got on to Miles tools and mentioned the bit falling off and also that I wasn't happy that it was 3 years old before I had bought it. The guy dealing with it wasn't there that day but he rang me back the very next day. I expected to have a big argument like you do with most companies these days but he was great. "No problem we will get the old one collected and order you a brand new one up which will be with you asap" :D

This week I thought I better see what was happening so I emailed them they rang me early the next morning and said they had ordered me a new one and when it arrived it too was a 2008 model. It turns out that the 110v version doesn't sell so well so they don't get many shipments of them and they sit around. I was offered a new one or a refund so I went for a new one, I was tempted to pay the extra and get a Domino but it was nearly double the price. So anyway they've sent me a new one out which arrived today.

So a big thanks to MTMC for great customer service :-D


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26 Jul 2005
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Romsey, Hampshire
As a contrast, Today I received some dewalt spare parts from them.

4 weeks ago I order the spares from their website. No indication that they might not be in stock.
Credit card payment was taken immediately and email acknowledgement by return.
A week went by and no goods.No indication on their website of a problem so I sent an email - 2 days later they then say some of the items are out of stock and they will not dispatch until all items are available. 6th October they said. 6th came and went. another email a few days later and they say still have not got the parts.
Today eventually they turn up.

Sorry Miles - not good enough

1) they took payment knowing that they have not got the items - very naughty in my book
2) If some items were on back order when I ordered I would not have proceeded
3) they did not inform me either on line or by email of a problem
4) items not in stock when they promised - no email to advise me of a delay.
5) despite a number chasing emails - they still did not advise me when the parcel was sent
I know it is not illegal to take payment up front but most online vendors only debit your card when the goods are despatched
They certainly won't get future spares orders from me!

I suppose it just goes to show that sometimes they can be good and other times......



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14 Oct 2007
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I've only had positive results from them, but it was a long time ago (a couple of years) and was over the phone.

I really hate the way people take cash before dispatch of an order, it's taking credit with no interest rate!