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20 Jul 2012
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I am a true newbie here and this is my first post. I am well in my way to completing the build of a 2x72 belt grinder for making knives. It is made out of steel and has a 1HP motor. It is pretty heavy. The frame is welded to a 12" x 20" 1/4 steel base and the motor is also screwed onto this base (I have welded some studs to bolt the motor to).

I wanted to also make a cart / stand for it with a couple of castors underneath so that I can move this around my shed. Preferably with only 2 castors so that it moves only when tilted.

After looking around YouTube etc. I see most builds use angle or square tube mild steel to make a frame. I have no idea how to figure out how "strong" a frame I need for the grinder... I really dont want to overkill the build.

Are there any rules of thumb for the construction of such a cart? Do I need corner braces? How many cross bars (if any) do I need? Etc etc.

Any thoughts or ideas would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks,
This Is the stand I made a few weeks ago. Made from 35mm 3mm wall box section with plywood shelves for the VFD and spare belts.
Mine goes on castors as i need to move it. Perfectly strong enough but not heavy to move/lift.

Ill get some pictures of the finished stand when I get home.


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Workshop is a little busy at the moment so they are not great pictures.

Wiring travels through the bent tube to the switches.
Gundog Forge Grinder kit for anyone interested.

I use this for sanding some of my wooden parts hence the 100mm extract attached.
The parts have a radius of 10mm in one corner so accompanied with a 9.5mm roller I can sand right up into the corners.


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Don't plan on building it 'too' light... I got a 48" that I actually took off its original stand it came with and now lives on a 'machine bench' built for all the power tools, as its stand was quite lightweight- and as a result everytime you went to apply pressure to the belt, it would slide around on you on the floor- it had rubber feet/pads but it was that light they just slid on the concrete- plus it felt very unstable and 'top heavy' when using....

Before I built the work bench (heavy timber and bolted to the shed wall to boot) I had boxes and tins of bolts/nuts etc on the bottom shelf of the stand to try and give it some much needed bottom mass... (it was only made of a 30x30mm angle steel, plenty strong enough to handle the grinder itself, but just too light to be stable when 'digging in' hard on the belt...)
In appearance similar to SkinnyB's stand, but lighter metal lol and just a 'rectangle cube' in appearance, not much bigger than the base of the sander itself...

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