Merry Christmas and Happy & Healthy New Year ....

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18 Feb 2011
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Switzerland, near Basel
.... to all members. Thanks for an excellent mix of info and entertainment in 2019 and here's to more of the same in 2020.

The attached, below, though no doubt seen before, do ring a bell for me, especially in the light of several recent threads, and remembering "that nice young Mr. Gates and his gang of barstewards'" lack of further support for Win 7 now looming ever closer on the horizon.

So for all us "Luddites" (are you receiving sunnybob?) who utterly decry software vendors, their products and all their associated practitioners, plus those "brave modern men" who try to talk at least some sense into our old fuddy-duddy thought processes, here's a couple of festive grins for you:

Life before the Confuser.jpg

Confuser Help Line.jpg

Best wishes to all ("confuser shop, here I come!")


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Not a great one for sentiment here so I ignore all the nonsense leading up to it. Having said that I love the few days that follows the godawful build up.
Good food, better wine, family, friends, the kids loving if all.
Happy Christmas all. Whatever it means to you. There's been feast days in midwinter since pre history. So. Whatever you are up to, take comfort and open another flint cold bottle of Riesling or maybe a cheeky Beaujolais to aid and abet the roast lamb.
Good luck all. Stay safe and see you on the other side.
Best wishes from me and mine to you and yours.
Next stop?
Admiring the Secret Santas. :ho2
You tight g*t Bob!

From the expression on the faces of your dogs they clearly aren't expecting a present. I now decree your user name be changed to Scrooge! :)

Actually perhaps ours think they're getting nothing as well, more likely they don't much appreciate impersonating Santas' reindeer. Now where did we park that sleigh?

Happy Christmas one and all.


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