Matching a floor laquer.

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4 Aug 2011
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I have to install some engineered Oak flooring soon which is laquered.
My problem is I have to make a few trims and a large nosing for a step from solid oak and some other Oak bits in the same room.

I called the supplier and asked if they knew what laquer it was but they told me the manufacturer won`t tell them as they have asked before.
It has an "oak" coloured stain which I think would not be hard to match its more the texture or feel of it. The finish is satin and is incredibly thin but very hard indeed.
Its probably a 2 pack or uv cure industrial stuff.

Anyone have a good product to recommend ? before I have to buy a bunch of samples.

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I don't really have any experience in this field of finishing but if I had this dilemma my inclination would be to build a finish on top of your stained and matched pieces using a brushing lacquer such as Morrells Morrells | Pre-Catalyst Brushing Lacquer and or to finish Morrells | Aerosol Satin Lacquer
Thanks, I didn't know morrells did a brushing laquer I may try it. Currently I have left a flooring sample with a paint supplier and they are looking at options for me.
Part of the problem is I can't finish it off site at least not completely as there will be fixings and plugs so I can't just spray it in the workshop.


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