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Terry Smart

Chestnut Products
8 Jun 2004
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From time to time we are asked for superglues and the like; they do go well with our current range and we're thinking about adding them.
Anyone got any thoughts about them.. what type to supply, bottle size, shape of bottle etc?

(We're still working on the shellac flakes... nearly there - I hope!!!)


Hi Terry,
the only super glue i really i use is cyanoacrylate ( i think thats how its spelled?) and thats mainly for the mitres on cornice and light pelmet in kitchens.
Used with the activator spray it sets in seconds and does a good job of holding everything in place.

Cheers, Matt
I use either the mitre bond with activator or a thin/penitrating one which soaks into the wood much better.

50mls bottles are the most useful, also worth doing spare nozzels with them.

Hi - so far,I've only used it for sealing/stabilising for woodturning (and it's been the 49p/tube stuff :lol: )
I use a lot of the two-pack mitre adhesive stuff that sets in seconds. 50 ml bottles + 200 ml activator. Jewson's price: c. £18, Travis Perkins c. £11, Winsor Wurth c. £6. Guess where I go? Unless, of course, your price will be better!

Regards, John
Hi Terry,

I use cyanoacrylate 'slow setting' - which allows a few seconds to get the brass barrels assembled into pen blanks. (The 'normal' superglue leaves them stuck half way in and half way out! DAMHIKT :oops: ). However, I also usually have a bottle of normal handy in the workshop, and some indoors (to avoid LOML nicking mine).

I go along with 50ml bottles, and like Jason's suggestion of having spare nozzles available.



I don't seem to have much luck with superglue. I don't use it very often and invariably the dispenser is blocked just when I need it. I also find the range a little bewildering. From my point of view a product with clearly stated uses, in a non block container and good shelf life would be ideal!

If you can come up with a waterproof superglue, that'd be a winner.

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