Maple veneer not sticking

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21 Mar 2017
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I have just been cutting the corners on a box for some ebony lines on the router table and the burr maple veneer is chipping out really badly. I used aerolite adhesive for the veneer which all seemed to go off fine. The chipping is only on the end of teh router cutter and the face which is cut by the edge is fine. Fairly new wealden cutter in good condition
The box lining is plain maple and there were no issues when I routed slots for dividers in it
No problems when I cut the mitres on the table saw
Any suggestions why the veneer doesnt seem to be properly bonded.
Thanks Ian
Old/frost damaged glue? Key the surfaces with 80 or 120g, old surfaces of boards/veneer in storage can accumulate dust and dirt which can affect glues and finishes.

Nit sure what face you're describing from the cutter but maybe a sacrificial backer board might be useful?
Any burr veneer is liable to chip out if cut with a router. You are better to use a twin bladed marking gauge ( yes, another tool to buy ) . If you cut the inlay lines about 30 mins after glueing down the burr maple it will lift nicely as it will not have fully dried.
I have never had problems with properly glued burr chipping when routing corners for lines but always ensure the cutter is fairly new. This was more like large pieces coming away. Surfaces of the ply are all prepped with 120g . Adhesive is less than 12 months old stored in a sealed contained.
I think that I normally use a vacuum bag but this time I used clamps and cauls and that I have applied to much pressure causing the glue to squeeze out at edges and through the veneer causing glue starvation.