Makita track & Trend/Bosch router

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20 Aug 2019
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Does anyone have any experience in mating these together?

I inadvertently managed to acquire a makita track saw today..........

Peter Millard of this parish has done a few videos about making accessories for Festool track. Makita track is almost identical.

There's also an accessory sled available for Makita routers. It uses the fence bar sockets/slots on the router base. I'm fairly certain that both the bars and the spacing are identical to those on the Trend routers. Sneak into a Makita dealer with a tape measure...

All that said, however, I have a 4' quick clamp (the older Trend style that accessories don't fit on, sadly). It's ideal for quick straight-line routing, and by the time I'd have sorted out the railsaw track. I can fit it, make the cut and tidy up. I just have to remember to cut in the right direction - so the router cutter pulls the machine in towards the rail and not away from it (that's moving the router left-to-right along the rail, with the router nearest you). You could use the back of the tracksaw rail in the same way - rail clamps might be sensible for that, and I think Festool and Axminster ones are the cheapest (the Makita ones have oddly always been more expensive).

But I hope "inadvertently" doesn't mean it rightfully belongs to someone else ;-)
Thanks Mark - that's food for thought - I'll hunt down the Millard vids.

Inadvertently - in this instance, it means that yesterday, I went to Axminster (Nuneaton) with Dodge of this parish to buy some consumables and walked out with a far larger bill than I'd intended! #-o