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29 Mar 2018
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South Norfolk
Bolt it to the floor!!

Despite the manual saying to bolt my old Record CL3 and stand to the ground it was easier just to add 4 paving slabs as ballast. However as my confidence has grown I've started to turn more uneven lumps of wood which resulted in a brown trouser moment when the last lump actually caused the whole lathe to walk a few cm's....Mind you the minimum speed of 500 rpm is somewhat of a contributing factor, that's harder to fix.

I can't believe how much this has transformed the lathe, it seems smoother to use all round and can no longer walk when out of balance. Whilst bolting down I also installed a piece of kitchen worktop and raised the height which again has made everything so much nicer to use, it's like having a new lathe!!

I'm sure more recent lathes with cast beds would probably not benefit so much but it's so easy to do that it must be recommended.
Weight / Mass is important in any lathe for the reasons you mention , Adding slabs / bags of cement all help , My lathe weighs 380kgs , Not had it run across the worksop ( Yet ) , Have fun and keep safe

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