Looking for looooong push-to-open drawer runners.


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9 Feb 2021
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High Wycombe
Hello all,

I’m building some under stairs drawers and ideally would like 900mm full extension push to open drawer slides but I can’t find any after an hour or so of googling.

They only need to be medium duty - 45kg is plenty.
Don’t need to be concealed.
And not too expensive.

I may have to accept 700/800mm runners and the last few inches of drawer will stay under.

There are plenty of non PTO runners over 700mm but most are £45+ and heavier duty than I need.
There’s intafit 750mm 45kg for £12.28 and that’s the closest I’ve got.

I could also use the PTO pistons that attach near the front edge of the frame but I’d rather the ones built into the runners.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

kind regards,
Can you not add push to open functionality to any ( or at least most) runners just by adding the little magnetic spring thingy ( technical term escapes me now) .

I think the reason they are heavier duty at this length is because the longer they are the more they need to support and leverage is a problem, so it's pointless making skinny ones at the really long sizes.

I am assuming you have tried the usual suspects, Blum, Grass, Haffele, Motion, Hettich Sugatsune, etc.

The tip on module from blum will go on any of the tandem runners as far as I remember.

Another way to increase the range of options is to mount the runners partially forward along the drawer, they don't necessarily have to go all the way to the back of the box. So a 750mm mounted 150mm from the back might be fine.

Blum tip on pistons are available in long. They give maybe 45mm throw?
Thanks for the advice,
I've decided that 750mm will do and there's a few available either 45kg or greater.
I've ordered one set of 100kg ones plus a Hafele long throw piston (for £28 all in) to test out.
I know changing the goalposts but for £25 decided to get the 100kg ones for less wobble hopefully.
Still cant find any 750mm runners with the push to open built in so giving these a try.
If anyone reading this ever finds looonger push to open runners please drop a reply in below vvvvvvv.

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