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14 Nov 2013
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Bear with me, I’ll get to the metal working aspect after setting the background.

I am on the Committee of a society based in South Gloucestershire that organises talks on the arts in its widest sense. As part of our society’s activities, we run a Heritage Volunteers group.as do other similar societies.


Although some societies get involved with book binding, furniture restoration and the like, our society specialises in textile repair and conservation. As part of our latest initiative, our group leader has been talking to the Aerospace Museum, Bristol about possible future projects. In our case, they are asking if we could make some replica Mechanics’ Uniforms to go in their “Reminiscence Boxes”. These are used both on site as well as taken into care homes as a talking point. Whilst at the museum discussing the project, our group leader was asked if they knew anyone with metal working skills to make small boxes out of old coins, scrap pieces of metal, Perspex etc., similar to those made in the past by machinists in their spare time, that could be added to the Reminiscence Boxes.

As such, if anyone is interested, please send me a pm and I’ll get more details.

I did say to our group leader that, as Aerospace Bristol is manned by volunteers who, in many cases, worked for British Aerospace, Rolls Royce etc., I was surprised that they asked her for help but there you go. Maybe they are spreading their net far and wide.

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