Library strip clips: do you know of strong ones?

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Eric The Viking

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19 Jan 2010
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Bristle, CUBA (the County that Used to Be Avon)

We just had an "interesting moment" with some library strip.

I had just been right up at the top, on a stepladder, hoovering above the pediment, and my better half had been minding the Hoover on the sofa below. I'd just finished and was about to come down, dusting as I went. She got up onto the sofa arm alongside me (she often does this to get books down). Without warning one of the top shelves started to collapse onto her.

She has great presence of mind sometimes. We made a bucket, er, book chain, and offloaded the weight before the whole lot came down on framed photos, china, etc.

Two of the shelf clips had completely snapped in two, allowing the whole lot to tip forward. The other two clips had also fractured, but not broken completely. This has happened before, with a shelf of 1920s Britannicas (they really are heavy!) But I didn't think any other shelves were loaded as much. Now I am worried.

I have a box of spare clips, in which I found an odd set of four, made to a different, much stronger pattern (see above). Both types are brass, I think, except that the older ones are far thicker material, and look to have been more carefully made.

The ones I want are the upper ones in the pic above, but I will settle for any that are decently strong. The lower ones aer far too thin and the brass seems to be work-hardened at the bend.

If you know where I can buy good ones, please say...

So far eight of the original set have fractured, but avoided doing serious damage when the shelves collapsed, but I can't expect that to continue!

Many thanks, E.


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Be careful which one you buy as they are not universal.....I've been down that rabbit hole.
You could research Tonk shelving.....see which ones fit your strips.

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Thanks everybody - there's some most helpful advice and info above. I've reorganised shelves a bit to reduce the weight, and I think they are OK for Christmas, at least.

Meanwhile, I'll measure the Tonk strips carefully (spacing and slot dimensions), and go to the places indicated above, to see what I can find.

I didn't build the bookshelves. The maker (an old family friend) did a beautiful job, but I think the uprights are probably faced chipboard or MDF. Fitting new strip will at best be tricky and probably impossible, so it will be the strongest pins/clips I can find that fit, I guess.

And yes, the pile of books for charity shops is growing steadily.

Thanks once again, E.

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