Laminating single side of birch ply with epoxy

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11 Mar 2009
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I need to laminate some birch ply and was only going to laminate a single side but wanted to ask whether the bend you can get from laminating just one face is down to shrinkage of the adhesive used. As epoxy has zero shrinkage and I am using ABET laminate I assume it will be ok?

Just wanted to ask anyone who has done lamination to make sure it is ok.

no it is due to the uneven pull of reactionary forces as the wood either absorbs or losses moisture and if there are an an uneven number of plys either side of the central sheet of ply then the forces are much stronger on one side and hence banana shapes
If you are veneering a full side then there has to be a balancing sheet on the opposite face or you are really asking for trouble

Agree. It's 100% vital that all types of ply have an odd number of laminations for any degree of stability/flatness. By "veneering" just one side of just about any type of ply with just about anything will serve to "ensure" warps. Veneer both sides to get back to an odd number of laminations.

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