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6 Feb 2015
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I have worktops currently finished with Rustins worktop oil. This will not stand up to the abuse SWMBO throws at it. Rustins plastic coating seems the way to go but I have seen some negative comments on here although I believe that was for furniture finishing. Any one used it on a worktop? The product gets good reviews on Amazon but I would like a more considered opinion.
Perhaps if you can give an idea of the uses/abuses your other half throws at it we can advise better? There is a huge gulf between something like a worktop oil and Plastic Coating. Also, what are the worktops made from?

Regardless of the above, an alternative approach to consider: make a bunch of chopping boards and trivets and, er, encourage herself to use them :-D
Osmo polyx is excellent for wooden worktops. No danger of black watermark near the sink!

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I changed our worktops for solid oak a few years ago, finished them in Danish oil( worst thing to do), had to refurb the kitchen so did the worktops with Osmo Top Oil its great go`s on lovely and go`s a long long way. I redo them about every twelve months, wire wool rub down and nice clean rag to put the stuff on with and takes about a couple of hours..

Osmo Poly-x applied with a lint free cloth is something to beholder, once is cured its awesome stuff.

After trying the none abrasive pad method on solid oak, it didn't finish how I wanted it, one call to OSMO technical and they said apply it with a lint free cloth... Completely transformed the finish!
Whilst I agree that osmo is great (I did our last oak worktops with it) the place we’ve just moved to has wooden worktops (unknown wood) finished with plastic coating.

They are bombproof, - absolutely bombproof!

I can basically leave the missus to do more or less what she wants and it just wipes clean really easily.

Regardless, we do use trivets and worktop savers.