Kings of the Wood (tv programme)

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Allen Quay

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3 Oct 2021
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Northumberland, UK
Just seen a trailer for this, on Quest tv channel. Starts 25th January (9pm) on Quest, but I don't know if it's a new programme or if it's a repeat. I can't find much info about it online but it looks like there's some familiar faces involved:

"Witness an elite group of master carpenters working from a picturesque forest to create some extraordinary items. From a cabin bed to an outdoor table, each episode presents the Kings of the Wood with a new creative challenge to make something functional and striking for someone who really needs it."
Dont think it could be worse than that good with wood show. Sad thing it's now on TV over here and our forum has started talking about it. Strange but some like it. I am keeping quiet this time.
It isn't the same programme as Britain's "Best" Woodworker. This one includes one of the furniture restorers from Salvage Hunters: The Restorers and it also includes one of the professional woodworkers from Jay's Yorkshire Workshop (but I can't remember either of their names, doh!)
If its that restorer from Salvage Hunters he needs to go back to school. Remember the ebonised table mortise and tenon joint he 'restored' by banging a dowel into it. Painful !
I wish somebody ideally an academic consult the people in media companies when using terms like 'master carpenters' they need to stop using language like this.
For the media (and most non-woodworkers) a master carpenter is one who knows which end of a chisel is sharp, can accurately hammer the head of a nail, can differentiate oak from MDF, can turn a quick swipe with a waxy cloth into a lustrous finish in seconds etc.

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