Joke Thread 4

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Not really a joke but caused some laughter at our local supermarket.
I was with my wife grocery shopping some years ago and she was delving in a freezer.
" What are you looking for" I asked "
" A turkey Breast"
" You've got one in your hand"
"yes I know but I want a bigger one than this"
She then stood up holding it aloft and shouted to one of the assistants standing a few yards away
" Have you breasts bigger than this"
The assistant smiled, looked down and said
"Possibly, and mine are a hell of a lot warmer" :D :D

Only last week I was sauntering along the road with my 7-month old pup, pausing every few yards to have a good sniff. The dog, not me...
At one house a lady was tidying up her garden border - no, not a euphemism - and she heard me say "I was just admiring the size of your heucheras...."
Luckily, she knows her plant names...