Jet AFS-1000B Air Filtration System repair

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2 Jan 2007
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Near Dartford, Kent
Is there any one out there who can help

I purchased one of these from Axminster Kent in May 2010 ... prod21187/ and in essence its packed up.

I spoke with Axminster at the store who stated that the fact that its out of guarantee there was not a lot they could do and did not seen interested in helping me out. It would appear that its something in the electronics of the thing thats not working correctly. It will not operate either from the remote or directly on the machine.

On touching the 3amp fuse on the front of the unit this promptly fell to bits so I bypassed the fuse with a another and still no joy.

I have managed to get it going by completely bypassing the electronic box of tricks and am now operating it via a remote control plug and a threeway switch purchased from maplins for the three speeds, the only thing I miss is the timer for the item switching off.

It would appear spares are only available in the US with the cost of the electronics board coming in at approx 88 dollars

Is there anyone out there with the relevant skills who would be able to look at my electronic unit and see if it is repairable or alternatively point me in the right direction as to someone who can, I'm in NW Kent so anywhere in London would be ideal.

I have managed to get it running again without cutting any original wiring so should fit back as originally was if I can get it repaired